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Hand Car Wash and Vacuum

Hand Car Wash
With premium car wash soap and microfiber wash mitt

Hand Dry
With premium soft to the touch microfiber towel to prevent scratching

Remove Bugs and Tar
From front edges and lower panels

Clean Wheels, Tires, and Wheel Wells
To remove brake dust and road grime

Dress Tires and Polish Wheels
For a clean shiny look

Exterior and Interior Mirrors cleaned
Streak-free results 

Vacuum Carpets, Floor Mats and Upholstery
To remove all dirt and debris 

Interior deodorized
Choose one of a variety of pleasing scents

*Starting at: Coupe $40 - Sedan $50 - Truck/SUV/Van $60 

*Two vehicle minimum. Plus Tax

Hand Wash and Wax

Includes Hand Car Wash and Vacuum Plus:

Degrease Door, Trunk, and Gas Jambs
To remove grease, leaves and other debris

Apply Premium Carnauba wax
To produce a high quality shine and protect paint 

*Starting at: Coupe $80 - Sedan $100 - Truck/SUV/Van $120

Plus Tax

Full Detail

Includes Hand Wash and Wax Plus:

Shampoo and Steam Clean Carpets, Floor Mats and Upholstery
To enhance the look and feel of the carpet, floor mats and upholstery

Clean and Condition Leather Seats
To restore leathers original appearance

Clean all Interior Plastic, Vinyl and Rubber
Including vents, radio, climate controls, cup holders, and door panels

Condition all Interior Plastic, Vinyl and Rubber
Leaves your interior surfaces looking natural and revitalized

*Starting at: Cars $140 - Sedan $160 - Truck/SUV/Van $180

Plus Tax

Ultimate Detail

Includes Full Detail Plus:

Clay Bar Paint
To remove surface contaminants for a smooth surface

Polish Paint
To remove minor scratches, scuffs and oxidation

*Starting at: Cars $240 - Sedan $280 - Truck/SUV/Van $320

Plus Tax

Boat Detail

Hand Wash and Wax with Meguiars and 3M marine grade products
*Extra charge for compounding and polishing

Thorough cleaning, conditioning and waxing with Meguiars and 3M marine grade products

*Starting at $15-$30 per foot. Please call for a personalized quote

Plus Tax

Fleet And Multiple Car Detailing Services 
We offer discounted group rates for fleet washing. If you have multiple vehicles used for business purposes or have a group of 10 plus cars you can save 20%.

Full Detail Maintenance Plans
Save 15%-20% when you purchase a maintenance plan. Get 4 full details to be used for every season of the year or to share with your family and/or friends. 

*Starting at: Cars $448 - Sedan $544 - Truck/SUV/Van $612

Plus Tax

*Extra charges may apply on vehicles that are excessively dirty and X-Large vehicles
*Fuel charges may apply

Executive Auto Detail

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